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Do you want your dream website to become true? Do you need media and marketing for your website? Count on us.

Hi, my name’s Chrystian and I’m the project manager of Tech Web, let’s have a chat about your Website, your Video ideas, or a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

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Chrystian Szankowski

Chrystian Szankowski


Diana Szankowski

Diana Szankowski


Marcos Szankowski

Marquinhos Szankowski


How We Do It

We understand how hard it is to manage a business. We take care of your Digital Marketing, Website, and Content Production, so you have time to focus on what you do best.

  • Discover

    We first dig into your business to understand your needs and come with a complete plan and solution, to help your business grow.

  • Design

    We design drafts of your website, scripts for your videos, and strategic plans for your online advertising. Working closely with you, we use our creative vision to bring your ideas and goals to life.

  • Develop

    We implement your site, shoot your video, making sure that our plan is on track and our goals are being reached.

  • Deploy

    Now, everything comes together, we monitor your market campaigns, make sure your site is running smoothly and we review our strategy to keep doing what's working and change what's not.

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